Keeping Things Green-Friendly on Your Landscaping Project

Keeping Things Green-Friendly on Your Landscaping Project

When you’re managing a large landscaping project one of your key concerns will be ensuring any green waste generated from the build can be quickly removed and appropriately disposed of.

At AJ Grab Hire we have vast experience in supporting site managers and contractors with their landscaping projects, ensuring that high volumes of green waste are not only removed quickly but also respects the existing land and architecture that may be taking place.

As landscaping builds are both time sensitive and delicate, we take great pride in understanding the demands of these projects and offer a grab hire service that can fully support your build throughout the process.

Green Waste Removal

A service that is most convenient to landscape projects is our green waste removal service, which is dedicated to removing both soil and earth as well as plant debris and waste.

Our grab hire lorries can hold larger volumes of waste than a traditional skip, which means we can collect and grab high capacities of various green materials.

As a grab hire lorry can also navigate on sites with awkward terrain, waste can be collected from any location, meaning even a frameworked green site can be manoeuvred around easily.

More Machine Power Less Man Power

With a traditional skip you not only have to use extra machinery and manpower to move green waste into the skip, but you also have to constantly move it to different locations on site to ensure the process is streamlined.

However, unlike a static skip that requires so much manpower, a grab hire lorry can remove the effort and inconvenience and simply grab and collect green waste from any location on site.

No matter the site of your project, our extensive fleet of grab lorries can collect green waste without the need for extra machinery or manual labour. Saving you both time and money.

Responsible Recyclers

Responsible recycling is now part of every organisation’s duty, whether you’re a landscaper or commercial builder, you need to know that the waste you’re removing is going to be recycled appropriately.

This is why many of our customers have chosen us, as at AJ Grab Hire our lorries will come to your site, load your green waste and take it to a dedicated location to be recycled.

At AJ Grab Hire you have the assurance and peace of mind that we are registered with the Environment Agency and are legally registered as waste carriers.

Due to our experience and certification, we work alongside a network of recycling partners to ensure the green waste we carry is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner.

We take a very conscious approach to green waste to ensure the waste entering landfill is reduced.

Delivery Support

As well as supporting you in the removal of green waste, we can also help in the supply and delivery of materials.

Our tipper lorries can hold high volumes of green materials, including earth, top soil, and aggregate, which means we can deliver and unload any desired materials to your site, in a location you need.

This again can significantly reduce manpower and time spent on deliveries and moving materials, as the tipper lorry can simply unload in the place you need it to be.

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