What Waste Can Be Disposed of With Grab Hire

What Waste Can Be Disposed of With Grab Hire

You may be thinking that a grab hire lorry is ideal for your project, but can it remove the waste you need it to?

Well, at AJ Grab Hire we remove a variety of waste from sites and support you in ensuring no matter your waste, it’s disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly way. 

Unlike a skip, a grab hire lorry can collect your waste and take it to the relevant places to be disposed of or recycled. Plus rather than having that waste sat there taking up vital space in a skip, our grab lorries collect your waste within 20 minutes, leaving your site clean and clear.

Below we’ve listed the most common types of waste we can dispose of you, and the ones that we can’t touch. 

Earth and Soil

Disposing of large amounts of soil and earth after an intense landscaping, building or gardening project can be difficult if you do not have the manpower or the operations. Earth and soil are heavy and messy, and you can’t just throw it in a bin. 

At AJ Grab Hire, we come and collect your earth and soil from your site and take it to the relevant recycling centres. 

There are now many soil and earth recycling facilities that take your old soil and turn it into high quality, nutrient-rich earth that is perfect for landscaping and the environment. 

Aside from knowing your earth and soil is going to be used in an efficient way, the best part about having a grab lorry is that there’s no manual labour needed. Our team at AJ Grab Hire use the large grabber to pick up your soil and transport it to the closest recycling centre.  

Concrete and Bricks 

Concrete and bricks are one of the most commonly disposed of materials in the construction sector and don’t we know it. 

We’ve spent many years helping businesses in the construction and building industry remove excess concrete waste and bricks from their site. 

These heavy materials need special attention as they can be difficult to move once the waste has been generated. 

However, with a grab lorry, our grabber can easily collect your concrete and brick waste directly from your site and transport it to a recycling centre. 

You’ll be pleased to know that concrete and brick can be recycled, which means your ethical waste removal is in good hands at AJ Grab Hire. 

At the recycling centre, one the concrete and bricks have been screened, and any contaminants removed, the leftover material can be crushed into aggregate and even used on roads.

Garden and Tree Waste 

Your average green bin cannot handle the amount of waste that is generated from a large landscaping or gardening project; therefore, a grab lorry is actually one of the best methods to use. 

Unlike a skip which can remain on-site for days, getting in the way of your project; a grab lorry can come along and collect your waste and take it straight to the recycling plant. 

At AJ Grab Hire we have a small grab lorry which can manoeuvre on smaller sites but still remove 10 tonnes of waste. 

Incredibly, most garden waste can now be recycled. This includes bark, flowers, grass, hedge cuttings, tree cuttings, plants, twigs and weeds. 

At the recycling centre, garden waste is turned into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner or high-quality compost. 

Unfortunately, many people still dispose of garden waste into landfill when it can be used for vital environmental improvements. 

General Domestic Waste 

If you are working on a renovation project or a commercial transformation, you may end up with a high amount of general rubbish and domestic waste. This is the type of rubbish you may traditionally put in your own black bin. 

However, this waste requires sensitive removal as it can contaminate the surrounding environment or cause litter in public spaces. 

General domestic waste also needs to be sorted before it is entered into landfill. Therefore it’s essential that you choose a waste disposal partner who understands where the waste needs to be filtered. 

Unfortunately, many people still use rogue traders for general rubbish which can lead to huge environmental damage to the local area, as well as hefty fines for those caught not using a registered waste remover. 

Waste Not Suitable for Grab Hire 

Although we remove most types of waste, there are some types of waste which need special attention due to their potential to contaminate or cause harm. 

Below we have listed the specific materials and products which we cannot remove from your site.

  • Asbestos
  • Paint
  • Oil 
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Gas bottles
  • Hazardous chemicals


At AJ Grab Hire we are certified with the Environment Agency as waste removal specialist, therefore we can guide you in making sure your waste is removed safely and ethically. 

Contact our Grab Hire team today to discuss your waste removal requirements. 


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