The Importance of Ethical Waste Removal

The Importance of Ethical Waste Removal

You may think that hiring a waste remover is just part and parcel of doing a good, clean job. But there is far more to waste removal than meets the eye. 

While every person and business will in some way shape or form produce waste, it’s how we manage this waste that plays a major role in our impact on the environment, and also on the reputation, we uphold as a business. 

Well-managed waste removal is not only a legal requirement, but it’s also an ethical necessity if you are to ensure that your business operates in a way that brings no harm to others. 

As registered waste carriers we take pride in taking action in limiting the waste that goes into landfill, and promoting the best practice of waste removal so that people and the planet are not affected by the waste of others. 

Both projects big and small create waste, but each of us has a responsibility to fully understand why ethical waste removal is so important and take the appropriate steps to limit the waste we inevitably produce. 

Your choice of hiring a waste remover goes far beyond just keeping your site clean and tidy. In this feature, we hope to highlight why your choice makes a bigger impact than you may realise. 

Environmental Protection 

When waste is not managed properly it can contaminate your local environment. 

As well as polluting water sources and killing off plants and animals, there have been severe occasions where illegally dumped waste has also come in contact with people. 

Asbestos is one toxic product that can be timely and expensive to remove from site. As a highly dangerous substance, it has the potential to cause serious medical conditions. When this is removed and dumped illegally, it can cause havoc for the surrounding wildlife, and put people at risk.

As well as trade waste, we are all well aware of the environmental issues that face us as a species. It’s hard not to find a news story on a daily basis that doesn’t provide more data on plastic pollution.  

While the global impact can make it feel like we’re in a losing battle; the true change happens at a local and regional level. 

If you can ensure that you are using a registered waste remover, so that your waste doesn’t end up in a country lane somewhere, and it meets the appropriate recycling process, you are playing your part in reducing the environmental impact of waste. 


We regularly report on the rise of fly-tipping here in the UK, and it’s a crisis that is being increased by people who are not doing the necessary checks with their waste remover. 

Both commercial and domestic projects are at risk from rogue waste removers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fall prey to such criminals as many can operate under false pretences; looking very authentic in their appearance when in fact they do not have the experience or the training to properly remove waste. 

Many unfortunate customers have been conned by waste removers leaving them at risk of huge fines, and the embarrassment of polluting the local area. 

Fly-tippers play into the emotions of their prey. Providing a quick, easy and ‘cheap’ way to remove rubbish. To many, it appears that all will be well until the police arrive. 

It’s not just the risk of huge fines that should stop you in your tracks but the ethics of this poor waste management. 

As registered waste removers, we work tirelessly with a network of recycling partners to ensure the waste entering landfill is minimised. The same networks are not present in rogue traders who are trying to make some quick cash and do not care where your waste ends up. 

Company Reputation 

As a business, you have a social responsibility to not cause harm, and this relates again to both people and the planet. 

Your actions and behaviours have a ripple effect, and while some of these you may not know right now, there are always areas of your business where you can see the impact and make a direct change. 

As consumers and trade professionals we are becoming increasingly aware of the attitudes company’s have around the treatment of people and the environment; and now more than ever we make our choices based on the ethics of these businesses. 

It’s not uncommon to hear of boycotts, marches or social outings of brands and businesses who do not lead with ethics at the heart of their operations. 

To not be ethically active when it comes to waste removal, not only leaves you open for huge fines and even prison sentences; but also leaves you at risk from people turning against your business and actively seeking to disrupt it. 

There is an increasing demand for ethical waste removal from everyone in the world, both as individuals and as businesses. 

The one choice you can make as a trade professional is to only choose a registered and licensed waste remover.

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