Whether you’re completing a grand design style renovation on your home, or just completely transforming one space, the thing you can be certain of, is waste.

Waste will always begin to pile up and slow your project down if you don’t think about efficient and safe waste removal. 

At AJ Grab Hire we’ve supported customers with both large and small home renovations, and are well aware of the importance of keeping the site clean and clear so work can continue without delay. As well as green waste clearance we have our full muck away service.

To help you keep your project on time, and to save you the headache of worrying about where your waste is going; we’ve listed the best ways to keep your waste moving during your home renovation.

Donate Old Furniture 

As you begin your project there may be pieces of old furniture that will no longer be needed in your new space. 

To help reduce the clutter before your work begins, it’s wise to remove these items from your home so that you have more space for the work to begin, and you’re not panicking about where to store them. 

Donate or sell old pieces of furniture before any work begins, and truly think about decluttering your home so that you’re ready for the dust and mess that will inevitably come with it. 

Donating and selling furniture that’s in good condition helps to give it a second life rather than going into landfill. 

Create a System 

It’s a good idea to think about the system you will use to remove waste from your site as work begins. 

Ideally, you should discuss this with your builder or contractor about entry and exit points for waste removal. This ensures that you have a clear system in place, and that waste is kept to an area so that it doesn’t begin to filter into other spaces of your home. 

If waste needs to be piled high, also consider how easily it can be accessed or moved. 

You will also need to think about how the waste materials will be separated. Again, your builder should advise you on this, but having a clear system increases the amount of waste that can be recycled, and reduces the waste going to landfill. In some cases, your contractor may also be able to even use old materials in the new build. 

Call Your Local Council

For some items that cannot be moved easily, such as garden furniture or dangerous items such as gas canisters, you can contact your local council who will be able to guide you as to which service you need. 

As we’ve mentioned previously on our blog about toxic items, there are some things you may find during your home renovation that needs to be handled with extreme caution. For example, if you find asbestos. 

For any of these items, you feel unsure about, you should contact your local council. 

Hire a Grab Lorry 

While you may be thinking about hiring a skip for your home renovation, they can be less efficient than a grab lorry. 

A skip can take days to empty, slowing the process down as you wait for one skips to be emptied and another skip to arrive. 

Skips also have a limited capacity, so once they’re full, they’re full. 

However, at AJ Grab hire, we have smaller 4-wheel grab lorries which can easily manoeuvre on smaller sites, such as home renovations and collect up to 16 tonnes of waste within just 20 minutes. You can find this by viewing the vehicles in our grab lorry fleet.

You don’t have to have a skip blocking your driveway, and our grab lorries can reach over fences or walls. 

With any home renovation, it’s important to keep your waste management under control and that you use accredited waste removers. 

There are huge fines linked to rogue traders, which means you could be at risk of a fine should you use an unregulated waste remover. 

A certified waste remover will also be able to give you guidance on your waste removal process. 

If you’d like to book a grab lorry for your home renovation talk to our team today. 

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