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How big is a grab lorry or do you have different sizes?

Our grab lorries vary in capacity depending on the size you require for your project.

At AJ Grab Hire our fleet of 8-wheel grab lorries weigh 32 tonnes when fully loaded. This means they have the capacity to hold 16 tonnes of material. The specifications for our 8-wheel grab lorries is 9 metres high by 4 metres. The ‘grabber’ can extend up to 8 metres.

We also have a 4-wheel grab lorry which can carry up to 10 tonnes of material. These grab lorries are slightly shorter, with the dimensions of 7.8 metres by 3.8 metres. However the grab arm remains at 8 metres when extended.

What is the width of a grab lorry?

Traditionally, the width of a grab lorry is measured including the wing mirrors – this makes our grab lorries 3.2 metres wide. 

If you do have a low gateway or difficult access point contact our team at AJ Grab Hire who will be able to advise on how the grab lorry will be able to access your waste.

How many grab lorries do you have in your fleet?

At AJ Grab Hire we have 19 vehicles to support projects across the Cambridgeshire area. 

Our fleet of grab lorries includes; 

3 x 8-wheel grab lorry 

1 x 4-wheel grab lorry 

1 x tipper lorry 

How far can a grabber on a grab lorry reach?

The ‘grabber’ on a grab lorry extends up to 8 metres. This is from the centre of where the crown is on the lorry. When hiring a grab lorry you have to take into account where the grab lorry will be able to park, as the grabber always extends from the side of the lorry, not the front or back. 

The grab lorry also needs 3.8 metres of headroom and 2 metres for the hydraulic arm to operate fully. In total you need at least 6 metres of space for the best functionality.

Can grab lorries reach over walls?

Due to the length of the grabber, a grab lorry can reach over walls and fences, enabling your waste to be collected from hard to reach areas.

How many tonnes can a grab lorry carry?

Depending on the size of the grab lorry you have hired depends on the capacity of waste it will be able to collect. 

At AJ Grab Hire our 8-wheel grab lorries can hold 16 tonnes of waste. Whereas our slightly smaller, 4-wheel grab lorry can only hold 10 tonnes.

How long will the grab lorry take to load?

Depending on how much manoeuvring the grab lorry has to do while on site, it will only take between 10 minutes and 20 minutes to fully load. This is ideal if you need your site cleared quickly of muck or waste.

What hours can a grab lorry be booked?

At AJ Grab Hire you can book a grab lorry between 7am – 5pm Monday to Friday. However, if required we can work outside of our core working hours. Please contact our team if you require support with your project outside of our listed hours.

What materials can be disposed of with a grab lorry?

At AJ Grab Hire we can dispose of many types of materials with a grab lorry. This includes; 

  • Soil and hardcore 
  • Muckaway 
  • Clay
  • Concrete bricks 
  • Green waste and tree stumps 
  • Timber 
  • Builder’s waster
  • General rubbish 

For more information on the waste a grab lorry can remove, read our full feature here.

Where should I leave my waste for the grab lorry to collect?

To support a more efficient waste clearance process, we recommend that you leave your waste located close to an access point where the grab lorry will be able to reach it. 

Bare in mind, that our grab lorries can be parked alongside walls or fences, and can be backed down to side load. 

If you’re unsure about the access to your waste, contact our team at AJ Grab Hire who will be able to advise.  

How much aggregate can be delivered by a grab lorry?

At AJ Grab Hire we can deliver 16 tonnes of aggregate from our grab lorries. 

If required, we can also drop new materials off at the same time as picking up waste material. Split loads are available on the same lorry. Contact our team to find out more about this service. 

Are there certain times of day preferred for grabbing or tipping?

At AJ Grab Hire we provide grabbing and tipping services between 7am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, should you need these services outside of our dedicated working hours we can be flexible in supporting you with your project needs. Contact our team today.

How much notice do you need for a lorry to be hired?

Depending on availability, At AJ Grab Hire we only require 24 hours notice of when you require a grab lorry.

We also take bookings for projects months ahead if needed, so if you are planning a project within the next few months it can be ideal to secure a booking in advance. 

Does a client need any specific insurance or is the grab process covered?

Contractors and businesses will need public and employees insurance to be able to hire a grab lorry. 

However, if you are hiring a grab lorry for a project on private land, this is then the responsibility of the land owner. 

How much does a grab hire lorry cost?

At AJ Grab Hire our lorry costs vary depending on the size of the project and the waste being removed from the site. To get a clear understanding of the costs involved for your specific project contact our team today for a quote.

Do I need a permit to hire a grab lorry?

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a grab lorry is that you do not need to gain a permit. 

This is unlike a skip, where you have to contact your local council in order to be granted a permit for the skip. The reason for this is because a skip may hinder local traffic or cause disruption while it is stationed on your site. 

However, with a grab lorry there is no need for a permit because it can move, and it loads so quickly, the disruption is minimal compared to a skip. 

Will a grab lorry fit down my drive-away?

Our grab lorries can manoeuvre across many different types of terrain, however it does depend on the size of your drive-away. 

For smaller construction projects, we would recommend our 4-wheel grab lorry, as this can get into smaller gaps and turn more efficiently. 

As our smaller grab lorry also uses less fuel, and general running costs, it is a highly cost effective way of removing waste from a small site. 

Can you remove waste from a garden?

At AJ Grab Hire we have experience of removing earth, soil and garden waste. 

Ideally, it is best if our grab lorry can park next to your garden fence and grab the waste from over the fence. This allows us to grab your garden waste without trying to access your garden from a drive-way. 

Is grab hire cheaper than a skip?

On average a grab lorry can hold three times more waste than one skip. A grab lorry is also much quicker at removing waste than a skip. 

A grab hire lorry is both more cost effective than a skip, and more efficient. Read our feature on the difference between a skip and a grab hire lorry here. 

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