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If you’re looking to remove large amounts of muck or waste from a site, at AJ Grab Hire our grab lorries are a cost-effective alternative to skips.

Compared to a skip, a grab lorry can collect large volumes of muck, green waste, timber, and rubble, making it ideal for large-scale projects that require waste to be removed quickly.

A grab lorry has the ability to pick up waste directly from any location, as long as there is reasonable access, which means no matter where your site is situated, our grab lorries can navigate the terrain to collect waste on-site.

We’ve supported a number of large-scale projects across the UK with grab hire, including building contractors, commercial projects, landscapers, and roadworks.

The benefit of a grab lorry is that materials can be excavated and removed much quicker than a traditional skip.  Grab hire lorrys in Royston and other locations can hold three times the amount of waste of a traditional skip, making waste removal more cost-effective and efficient than having multiple skips dropped on site.

The grab arm which is attached to each grab lorry also has the ability to reach 7.5 metres from the side of the vehicle, meaning it can work over walls, fences and street furniture in order to collect waste. This allows good accessibility on restricted sites, especially those that are located in a public area. Even the most awkward, hard to reach sites can be accessed in most cases.

With the ability to hold a large capacity of waste and navigate rough terrain, a grab lorry is an efficient and convenient choice.

Being experienced waste removers, at AJ Grab Hire you can be assured that we are a fully licenced waste carrier and registered with the Environment Agency. This gives all our customers peace of mind that when waste is collected from a site it will be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Should you also need additional materials delivered onsite, we have a fleet of tipper lorries that can collect and deliver soil, earth and aggregate to your site when required.

Combining the services of a grab lorry and a tipper lorry means that we can support your project at each phase and enable your project to run smoothly.

Reasons to choose us for your Grab Hire


  • Holds larger volumes than a traditional skip 
  • Can access hard to reach sites 
  • Provides quick waste removal 
  • Can also deliver aggregate

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