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Green Waste Services

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As a cost-effective and practical solution for the removal of green waste such as earth and soil, our grab lorries can access unstable sites better than a traditional skip, enabling you to remove green waste quickly and responsibly.

No matter the site of your project, our fleet of grab lorries can come to your location and remove green waste without the need for extra machinery or manual labour.

Our grab lorries will come onto your site and load green waste directly onto the lorry and take it to a dedicated location to be recycled.

With a range of grab lorries within our fleet, at AJ Grab Hire we have the capacity to remove large volumes of green waste.

A traditional skip cannot carry the load or enter the locations our grab lorries can access. As our modern grab lorries have such a large capacity for green waste you can book a collection and continue your project without delay.

Where does the green waste go?

At AJ Grab Hire we are registered with the Environment Agency and are legally registered as waste carriers. This means we work alongside a network of waste disposal and recycling partners to ensure all the green waste we carry is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We take a conscious approach to green waste disposal to ensure that the waste entering landfill is reduced.

When our drivers and operators evaluate your requirements, we will provide you with the necessary information of where your green waste will be recycled.

We believe this support enables our customers to have peace of mind around their green waste removal.

When you choose AJ Grab Hire you are selecting a waste removal partner who will work alongside you to ensure your waste is removed responsibly.

Contact us for details and to discuss your requirements.

Reasons to choose us for your Green Waste


  • Our grab lorries can hold a large capacity of green waste
  • We ensure your waste is removed responsibly

  • Waste entering landfill is reduced

  • A cost-effective and practical solution for the removal of green waste¬†
  • Our grab lorries can access unstable sites better than a traditional skip

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