The countdown to the festive season is officially on. As the Christmas deadlines loom closer, and the frost begins to settle, it can mean that you’re in a rush to get the site clean and clear before you clock off. 

With sites around the county prepping for the Christmas and New Year break, you may be wondering how to get your site cleared before everyone arrives back in the new year.

After all, with a clean site, you can get straight back to work when you arrive back on-site without any delays.

To help you feel ready to ring in the new year and prepared to move your project forward, we’ve listed some simple ways to help you manage your Christmas clear up. 

Emergency Grab Hire 

If you’ve still got piles of rubbish to be cleared on-site, from muck to hardcore, at AJ Grab Hire we often have last-minute availability. 

To ensure your site is clean and clear before the Christmas break call our team who can arrange a last-minute collection and ensure your rubbish is taken to a certified recycler or landfill site

Our grab hire lorries take up to 20 minutes to clear 16 tonnes of rubbish, which means your site can be rubbish-free within an hour of our arrival. 

Grab hire is much more efficient than a skip, and with notoriously bad weather during the winter season, it is much safer than a skip. For example, with high winds, an exposed skip may mean rubbish or muck flies out of the skip and back onto the site, or even in a neighbouring land. This is not what you want when you come back in January. A messy site, and complaints from neighbours. 

Call our team to arrange a last-minute grab hire rubbish collection, and take a break knowing that your site is ready for work as soon as you get back. 

Site Safety 

No matter the site you are working on, be it a large commercial site or a domestic site, it’s paramount that you ensure the site is locked and secure before you take your Christmas break. 

Site safety not only ensures that nobody can trespass, but will also ensure that people do not come into harm if they accidentally enter the site. 

Once your site is clean and cleared, it is your priority to ensure all tools and vehicles are locked away and that the site is cordoned off from the general public securely. 

Signs should also be displayed around your site detailing that there is a potential danger to trespassers, especially if there are large holes in the ground, or even scaffolding, or other temporary structures. 

In regards to temporary structures, these should also be checked before you clock off, as bad weather conditions may make these unsafe. Ensure they are securely fixed down so that they do not cause any damage to the site, or come down during bad weather. 

Protect Materials 

Lastly, any materials that you wish on using in the new year should be stored away securely to ensure they do not become damaged by the elements during your break. 

From weather to potential theft, locking your materials away in a locker unit will ensure that you have everything to hand for when you arrive back in the new year.

At AJ Grab Hire we hate to see precious materials go to waste, so make it your priority to protect and store all good materials that can be used. 

Even materials that are in good condition but may no longer be needed for the job can be sold on or recycled, so think wisely about what you have lying around the site, and get savvy about keeping it safe. In the new year, you can either recycle these materials, sell them on, or even store them for another job. 

Contact our team today to arrange your last-minute grab hire waste collection.

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