Rogue grab hire lorries are becoming a serious issue for commercial and domestic construction companies. 

Not only do rogue traders remove your waste illegally, but they also put you at risk of huge fines. 

According to the UK government’s 2019 statistics, the illegal dumping of waste across England has increased by nearly 40% in six years. 

The rise of fly-tipping and rogue waste collectors continues, despite the maximum penalty of such offences to be a £50,000 fine or 12 months in prison. 

Tougher guidelines brought in by the government in 2014 have done little to curve the rise. The Local Government Association (LGA) has said that at present fly-tipping cost taxpayers more than £57 million per year to clean up. 

If your business produces any type of waste, you are legally required to manage it, and confirm that it is being managed in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Unfortunately, many rogue grab hire lorries can look like the real deal, which can lead many reputable construction companies with large fines, and bad press.

As with any rogue traders, their goal is to make a quick bit of money. They will often collect your rubbish, take payment and dump it in a random location rather than take it to the adequate recycling and landfill plants. 

To ensure you avoid rogue grab hire lorries, we’ve revealed the key areas you should look out for before you wave goodbye to your waste. 

Check Waste Carriers License 

Before you hire a grab lorry, you should ask the company to prove that they possess a waste carrier’s license. These licenses are issued by the Environment Agency and make it legal for the company to clear your rubbish. 

Without a waste carriers license the grab hire lorry is operating illegally. 

At AJ Grab Hire we are licensed by the Environment Agency, and make this clear both on our website and to our customers when they are booking a service. 

Know Where Your Waste Is Going 

As detailed by the government, a company’s or individuals’ waste is their own responsibility. Even when your rubbish is taken off your hands, it is still your responsibility. 

Many local councils go to great lengths to track fly-tipped rubbish. If you used a rogue grab hire lorry to clear your waste, and the waste is tipped illegally, it’s not just the tippers who are fined, but you as well. 

Legitimate grab hire lorries will be able to provide you with details of where waste is disposed of, or recycled. For example, here at AJ Grab Hire, we work with a number of registered recyclers to ensure that each type of waste can be reused or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner.  

Whenever you hire a grab lorry, always enquire as to where the rubbish is going to be disposed of and request details. 

Shocking Prices 

You know what they say, if a price is too good to be true it often is. The same goes for rogue grab hire lorries. 

A certified and legitimate grab hire lorry company has overheads such as fuel, labour and tipping fees – these all have to be calculated into the cost of service, let alone the differing types of waste. 

If a price you’ve been quoted sounds far too cheap, or it’s required in cash, then it may be that they intend to fly-tip your waste. 

Don’t be swayed into paying a low price from a company who are playing rogue, as you could end up paying a high price both in fines and business reputation. 

In the UK, it’s estimated that the construction and demolition industry generates an average of 66.2 million tonnes of waste. However, due to effective recovery, 60.2 million of this waste is reused or recycled. 

Any valid waste removal company will endeavour to recycle waste as much as possible to support the government’s initiatives and make the industry more sustainable. 

Check Their Online Profiles 

It may sound very simple, but often checking a grab hire companies online presence can give you a good idea of how legitimate they really are. For example, checking they have a valid and up to date website, and also checking their social profiles for any reviews. 

If a website or social profile does not exist for this company, it may be that they are rogue. 

A company such as ourselves here at AJ Grab Hire, take great pride in detailing our services on our website and connecting with our customers on social media.  

Don’t risk going rogue with your waste removal, contact our friendly team at AJ Grab Hire today and get a quote for your project. 


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