We may now have a roadmap out of the UK lockdown, but site safety still remains paramount as we await for the vaccination roll out and ensure that the spread of covid-19 finally stalls.  Construction work across the UK has continued during many of the UK lockdowns, as both essential works have needed to be carried out, and the government has leant on the continuation of the sector to help keep the economy going. 

Site safety has been hugely stepped up from the usual health and safety checks as companies have been consistently testing key works to help prevent any covid-19 infections.  If you’re working towards creating a safer site, both now and post-covid we’ve listed how making a small change to grab hire can support you on this journey. 

1) A Clear Site

Social distancing has been one of the biggest changes to help sites to resist the spread of covid-19. And while it’s not always easy to distance yourself on a site with the many intricate pieces of work that needs doing between team members, there are ways you can limit the need for unnecessary contact. 

One way in which grab hire is supporting a safe site is by creating more space on-site with the removal of waste.  Waste can take up large areas of a site which could instead be used for solo work.  By having a regular grab hire lorry collect waste and disposed of materials, you can maintain a clear site that provides extra space for distancing. 

2) Workflow 

During the UK lockdowns, it’s been essential for sites to limit the number of people on site. However, productivity has still had to remain high to meet deadlines and keep the work flowing. 

To support workflow, our grab hire lorries can schedule regular waste removals to ensure that work doesn’t stop due to a messy or disorganised site.  When waste starts to get in the way, work can slow down and disrupt the productivity of the site. 

3) Reducing Hazards

Large amounts of waste on a site cause a health and safety hazard in normal circumstances let alone during the UK lockdowns.  As waste can quickly pile up, or get blown around the site with bad weather, it then increases the risk of someone tripping or slipping on waste. 

When an accident occurs it both stalls workflow and means that interpersonal contact needs to be undertaken to support the person who is injured. During the pandemic, this then increases the spread of covid-19 as people have to come in close contact.  Regular removal of waste with a grab hire lorry ensures that all hazards are removed from the site. 

4) Public Access

If you are working on a site within the public environment your site mustn’t disrupt or cause harm to the surrounding public.  While you may consider a skip for your waste management on a public site, this can become a hazard as it can sit there for weeks.

A skip can also be difficult to manoeuvre in a public space that has limited or restricted access.   Instead, a grab hire lorry can collect rubbish and waste from hard to reach spaces, and be done within 30 minutes. This helps to limit any build-up of rubbish in a public environment and ensure that the site has extra space to continue work. 

5) Limiting Unnecessary Labour 

As we’ve already mentioned, at present many sites are limiting their team size to manage and control the potential spread of covid-19. This means that many sites can really do without unnecessary labour.  When many sites hire a skip this can cause extra labour, as someone has to manage what’s entering the skip, be in charge of filling it, and helping the collection of the skip.

In reality, a skip takes up a lot of unnecessary manpower.  However, with a grab hire lorry, such as our team at AJ Grab Hire, we come and collect your waste from the site and our team manages the whole process. The only thing you need to do is show us where the waste has been placed.  As we all continue to make sites safer and keep projects running on time, it’s worth considering which elements on your site can be enhanced to increase safety and productivity.  Contact our team at AJ Grab Hire today for a quote. 

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