Whether you’re currently working on a landscaping project, large commercial construction project, or just a local private domestic build, our grab hire lorries are the ideal partner for your site clearance. 

Site clearance is a messy business, and when your project is on a tight deadline you can’t be waiting around to have your waste cleared – you need it collected and removed so you can get on with the work. 

To give you an idea of why you should be choosing a grab hire lorry for your site clearance, we’ve revealed the top ways a grab lorry can help you move that project along smoothly. 

Quick and efficient 

In the construction business, time is money, and the more time your project stands still, the more money you could be losing. 

Compared to a skip, a grab hire lorry is much more quick and efficient at site clearance. 

The large grab arm can load your site waste within 10 – 20 minutes, meaning you can continue your work as soon as the grab lorry has gone. 

For many projects, this is much more efficient than having a skip sitting around the site for weeks on end, especially as you then need to book it in to be delivered and collected; all precious time that could be spent on your project. 

At AJ Grab Hire, you can call and book in our grab hire lorries often 24 hours before you need them – meaning we can be on-site the next day to clear your waste. 

Reduced costs 

Our largest grab lorry can hold 16 tonnes of waste. This means 16 tonnes of rubbish, timber, or muck can be cleared from your site in a matter of minutes. 

Unfortunately, you would need three skips to remove this much waste from your site. Which means a skip is both more costly and takes up more operational management. 

A skip also requires a permit from the local council, which in many cases costs a fee. Another expense you really don’t need! 

However, with a grab hire lorry, there is no need to gain a permit, as the lorry loads waste so quickly and causes very minimal disruption. 

If you’re conscious of costs on your project, a grab hire lorry is a much more cost-effective way of managing site clearance. 

No need for extra labour 

When you hire a skip, it doesn’t fill itself. Therefore you have to use up vital manpower on filling the skip with waste and ensuring it is not littered with other types of waste. You can end up having one or two people just ensuring your site waste is managed. 

However, with a grab hire lorry, the grabber does all the work, so there’s much less manpower needed. 

As long as your waste is put in the best possible space, our grabber can do all the heavy lifting. 

The grabber reaches 8 metres when extended, which means it can even reach hard to get spaces. From lifting waste over fences and walls, nothing can get in its way! 

Responsible waste removal

The responsibility of your site waste is firmly on your shoulders, even when it is removed from your site. 

As there are many rogue waste removers out there, it’s vital you choose a reputable waste remover for your site clearance to ensure you don’t end up with any hefty fines, or at the very worst, prison sentences. 

At AJ Grab Hire we are certified by the Environment Agency as responsible waste removers.

Our team are trained and certified to help you recycle your waste and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. 

As we remove everything from timber, rubbish, hardcore and green waste, we can guide you into managing your site waste effectively.

With more waste regulations constantly being rolled out across the construction sector, it’s important that no matter the project you are abiding by them.

Drop and collect 

At AJ Grab Hire, we also supply a range of aggregates, which means we also offer a delivery and collection service.

We can deliver and drop off the aggregate you need, and then take away any site rubbish. This dual approach service is ideal for saving time and helping your project continue to run smoothly. 

Rather than waiting on multiple suppliers, and slowing the project down, we can support you in maintaining a good pace with your project. 

We supply a variety of aggregate, from building sand, limestone, crushed concrete, to topsoil and gravel. 

To get your site clearance moving, contact our team at AJ Grab Hire today and get a quote. 


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