Any public-facing project that will be in the space and face of the public comes with a whole load of different construction pressures. Not only do you need to ensure that the project remains on a tight deadline, but you also have to manage your project while in a public space that can often be busy with both people and traffic. 

With many situations to juggle, it’s essential that you have the right tools and services on-hand to ensure your project remains on track and doesn’t cause any further disruption to the surrounding public. 

When it comes to waste control, there are even more strategies you have to think of, especially when waste cannot only delay a project but also be an eyesore to the viewing public. 

A grab lorry for waste removal is ideal in a public-facing project, and we’ve supported many companies working on housing projects, commercial retail units, and roadworks to ensure their very public work remains clean and clear at all times. 

If you’re considering a grab lorry for your project, here’s how it can prove a massive benefit when working around the public. 

Time-Efficient Turn Around 

Public-facing projects can be in the way of roads, homes and public pathways. This can mean your project will have a tight deadline as councils often restrict disruption to these spaces. So as well as a difficult space to operate within, you’re also managing an even tighter deadline. 

With this in mind, efficiency and productivity on any public-facing project are paramount to its success. 

A grab lorry can support your team in maintaining their schedule by removing large quantities of waste quickly. 

Unlike a skip, a grab lorry can move higher volumes of waste, and different types of waste. From mud and earth to rubble and timber, no matter the materials you need moving quickly, a grab lorry can visit your site and pick-up the waste without any need for manual support from your team. 

Having scheduled visits from a grab lorry can also ensure that waste continues to be removed throughout the project. 

No Eyesore

Barriers and signs are often put up to avoid the public from accessing public-facing projects, but this doesn’t stop complaints about mess or noise. 

While there is very little you can do in the way of noise; mess can be managed to ensure that waste doesn’t overspill into public areas and begin to contaminant neighbouring streets or roads. 

No matter where the waste may be on your site a grab lorry can pick-up the waste directly from the ground and transport it to be recycled or disposed of. 

As a grab lorry can collect high capacities of waste, this means there is no need for overfilling skips and rubbish being left on-site for days on end. 


Public-facing projects may struggle for space, especially if they are in busy streets or roads. 

With space lacking, it’s essential that your waste doesn’t begin to become a hurdle for your project. 

While a skip can hold waste, it also takes up space on site which can begin to be a problem when you’ve got little space to begin with. 

A skip truck can also struggle to reach awkward spaces, meaning you may be left with a full skip for days until it can be emptied. 

However, unlike a skip, a grab lorry can use its arm to reach awkward spaces, such as over fences or even public furniture such as benches. 

A grab lorry can also manoeuvre over difficult terrain far easier than a skip, meaning your waste can be collected directly from the site. 

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