Grab hire lorries hold quite the reputation for their ability to move large loads to waste and manoeuvre effortlessly onto difficult construction sites. But just how much do you know about grab hire lorries and their ability? 

At AJ Grab Hire, we have many years of experience of working with these incredible pieces of machinery. We’ve supported both small local landscaping projects, and even large public-facing construction projects. Each time the grab hire lorry has met the challenge.

As grab hire lorries continue to be developed and improved to ensure they operate at the highest standard, there is so much to learn about grab hire lorries and what can be achieved with them. 

A Grab Lorry Can Hold 16 Tonnes of Waste

There’s a lot of weight behind a grab lorry. When the lorry is empty, the truck weighs 16 tonnes. However, once a grab hire lorry is filled with muck or waste, it can reach a maximum mass of 32 tonnes. This means, on average, a grab hire lorry can hold 16 tonnes and 15 cubic metres of material. 

Grab Lorries Can Reach Over Walls and Fences 

The crane on a grab hire lorry is 8 metres. The ‘grabber’ as it’s called, always goes from the side of the lorry and not the front or back. With a height like this grab lorries can easily reach over walls and fences to collect material. 

Grab Lorries Come in Different Sizes 

Just like construction projects, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to grab lorries. As each project might need something different, grab lorries also come in different sizes. 

While the largest 9 metre by 4-metre truck is ideal for large construction or engineering projects, at Aj Grab Hire, we also have a 4-wheel grab truck that is 7.8 metres. 

The 4-wheel grab lorry can only hold 10 tonnes, but as a smaller grab truck, it is much more agile, which means it’s ideal for smaller projects. 

It Takes Max 20 minutes to load a Grab Lorry 

When you’ve got a busy construction site, you need to know how quickly your waste or rubbish can be cleared – especially as it’s a vital part of site health and safety. 

Unlike a skip, which has to have the manpower to physically fill it, a grab lorry only takes between 10 – 20 minutes to load, depending on the amount of manoeuvring that needs to take place. 

Once on-site, the grab hire lorry is pretty quick and efficient at helping you get your site clear. 

For projects that are up against tight deadlines, a grab hire lorry is ideal for keeping the project moving forward and ensuring no large loads of waste slow things down. 

Grab Lorries Don’t Need Permits 

The extra benefit of a grab lorry is that you don’t need a permit to have your waste removed from the site. 

When you hire a skip on your premises, you need to ask your local council for permission, who then provides you with a permit. This is to ensure your skip won’t be in the way of local traffic or won’t cause any disruption to the area. 

Of course, this can be heavily frustrating when your permit is declined – especially when you have waste to be removed. 

However, a grab lorry doesn’t need a permit. Thanks to their quick turnaround time, a grab lorry collects your waste and removes it for you without any disruption or need for permits. 

Grab Lorries Are Responsible Recyclers 

As sustainability has become a vital part of the construction industry, at AJ Grab Hire we take great pride in the fact that we are certified by the Environment Agency for waste removal. 

By being certified by the environment authority, we are recognised as responsible recyclers, and can help you ensure the waste sent to landfill is minimised. 

At AJ Grab Hire, our grab lorries can collect the following waste which can be recycled. 

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