Across the construction industry, there are strict measures to ensure that waste from any site is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner. 

The news is rife with victims of rogue waste removers, and it’s not just the waste removers who can face a sentence but the company who hired them. As well as possible prison time, there is also the risk of crushing fines. 

Having an efficient waste removal process in place can ensure that you don’t fall victim to rogue companies offering muck away, and can help you make the most of your waste. 

According to the Federation of Master Builders, 65% of firms expect material costs to increase over the next six months due to the instability caused by Brexit. This means that site managers and project managers across the industry will need to maintain an efficient process for their materials. From use to waste, savings will need to be made on all on-site operations.

Minimise Landfill Costs 

For construction companies in particular, landfill tax and disposal charges are growing each year. Which means consigning large volumes of waste to landfill is a severe drain on tight budgets. 

With this in mind, it’s critical that you choose a waste removal partner who can help you to reduce the amount of waste that enters landfill. 

At AJ Grab Hire, we work with a number of recycling partners to ensure that your waste can be sorted, and if possible, sent to the correct facilities to be recycled. Our process helps you reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. 

As the UK construction sector consumes the largest amount of natural resources, using an average of 400 million tonnes of materials, having a waste removal partner can help ensure a high volume of these materials doesn’t end up in landfill. 

Segregate Your Waste 

Separating your waste materials on site is the first step in helping to reduce waste, and improve the efficiency of your materials. 

Introduce a segregation system which helps your team to sort between timber waste, green waste and domestic rubbish. 

Choosing a labelling system or colour coding bulk bags can help to identify where specific materials should be sent to. 

A grab hire lorry, can then come and collect the individual bags in one go, and send them to the best place for disposal or recycling. 

It’s also wise to train your team on the basic procedures of waste separation. While to them, it may seem like extra time and effort taken away from the project, it can in fact, be a vital way to save money on tight budgets, and keep the site safe.

Plan Your Waste

While it can be difficult to know when your waste is going to start piling high, booking in regular visits from a grab hire lorry can be more cost-efficient than multiple skips. 

Skips cannot hold as much waste as a grab lorry. Another added benefit of a grab lorry is that it can visit any site as the grabber can reach over any obstructions. 

Rather than wait for a skip to be emptied, book visits from a grab hire lorry that can visit your site when you need it and remove all waste in one go. 

Reuse Existing Materials 

Whether you’ve over-ordered on materials for your project, or found yourself with excess, reusing and repurposing existing materials can be a highly cost-efficient way to save money. 

The fewer materials have to go into waste, the more money you save on your project. 

If possible, look at ways you can store excess materials so that they are available to you when you may need them again. Alternatively, if you don’t have any space to store these materials, collaborate with other businesses or individuals to see if you can sell or exchange your items. 

Choose the Right Partners 

By sourcing legitimate and suitable waste removal suppliers, you can drive your waste management strategy forward. 

At AJ Grab Hire, we’ve worked with large and small construction companies, and individuals to ensure the waste management on their projects is managed efficiently. 

As registered waste couriers by The Environment Agency, we have a network of recycling partners, to help our clients to dispose of waste in the most environmentally friendly way. Our aim with all our clients is to reduce the amount of waste entering landfill. 

With a waste partner such as ourselves, you can book staggered deliveries, reducing the need for managing costly on-site waste storage. 

At AJ Grab Hire we also provide you with the traceability of your waste, so you know where it’s going. 

For more help and information on efficient and cost-effective waste removal, contact our friendly team at AJ Grab Hire today. 

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