Whether you work in the construction industry or in landscaping and ground maintenance, you will be aware that removing waste quickly is a high priority on any project.

The trouble is, many contractors will often choose a skip, but this can lead to all sorts of pain points during a large scale project.

A skip has a limited amount of space, so when the waste starts building up and your skip isn’t emptied on time, it can lead to some serious headaches.

The first thing you probably do is spend more money on a skip and wait around for the permit. While this is happening the waste begins to cause an obstruction because stray waste has either been left beside the skip or in another location on site.

The skip begins to get piled dangerously high with rubbish, causing a potential health and safety risk, and before you know it your project starts to slow down because the site is a mess.

Does this all sound familiar?

The fact is, this is a common occurrence on large scale projects because the default is to hire a skip, but the truth is, size matters and a grab hire lorry is the most convenient and effective method if you want waste removed quickly and in high volumes.

More Space For More Waste

Don’t get us wrong, skips have their place, but it’s not on large construction or commercial projects where waste and rubbish is generated quickly and needs to be removed just as fast.

At AJ Grab Hire, our grab hire lorries can pick up around three times as much waste as you can fit into a standard industrial skip. That’s far more cost effective than having multiple skips dropped to the site and far more efficient.

As our lorries have the capability of grabbing materials within a 7.5m reach from the side of the vehicle, this allows good accessibility and manoeuvrability on sites that may be inaccessible for a traditional skip.

Grab hire lorries can operate over and between objects such as walls, fences, trees and street furniture, making even the most difficult sites capable of having large volumes of waste moved effectively.

A Tidy Site is a Productive Site

As many contractors will know, keeping a site tidy is not just about aesthetics, it’s a core part of health and safety, so having waste and other rubbish moved regularly is critical to ensure the safety of the team and that the project can continue seamlessly without delay.

Overflowing rubbish and waste can cause risks to workers on site, and begin to slow down productivity, which in turn makes projects run into major costs as delays begin to stall work that needs to be done.

At AJ Grab Hire we’ve worked alongside roadworks, construction companies, commercial builders and large scale landscapers to ensure their high volume of waste doesn’t become a productivity problem.

In many cases, this has been essential as the projects have taken place in public spaces where waste must not obstruct or prevent traffic.

These are essential considerations when you think about waste removal, as you not only have to think about the project you’re working on but the environment that it dominates.

Aggregate Delivered Quickly

Size doesn’t just matter when you’re looking to have rubbish removed from the site, it’s also a key factor when looking to have a delivery of top soil or aggregate.

Enabling a seamless work process is part of our role here at AJ Grab Hire, so as well as remove large volumes of muck and waste, we can also then deliver any stock that needs to be moved onsite so your project can continue without delay.

As our grab hire lorries can hold such a high capacity, we can supply and deliver sand and shingle, top soil, soil improver, and bark mulch.

When it comes to supporting your project, our grab hire lorries have got you covered. Contact our team today for a quote.

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