At AJ Grab Hire, we support both individuals and companies to remove waste in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious way. 

As our grab lorries can collect a variety of materials, we are able to recycle and distribute them to specialist plants to reduce the impact on landfill. In fact, we work with recycling partners to ensure we can support our customers in helping them understand where their waste ends up. 

According to the latest UK government data, we currently reuse 91% of the waste created from the construction industry. While this is incredibly positive, there is still more we can all do to ensure we create a sustainable strategy for the waste we create. 

If you’re looking to manage your construction waste in an environmentally friendly way, we’ve revealed a few areas you should consider. 


In the first instance, reducing the amount of material you use is key to decreasing waste. After all, the excess is very rarely re-used and is instead put in the same pile as waste. 

While it is hard to be involved in a project in the early stages, it’s essential that you are able to look at plans before hand to understand the quantities of materials required. Planning ahead in this way can help to dramatically reduce waste. 

Over-ordering is also a common occurrence in the construction industry. However, if you arrange deliveries to match the phases of the project, you can avoid materials going to waste. 

At AJ Grab Hire we can support in this area with aggregate delivery, as we can deliver a variety of aggregate to your site when required. 


Being resourceful with your materials can not only ensure that you reduce your costs, but can ensure that valuable materials don’t end up in the waste pile. 

Collecting offcuts is one way to reduce buying brand new materials. Creating a space for materials that can be reused may also save you money in the long run. 

If there are materials that you can’t reuse, look to sell these or donate unused or salvaged materials. Many of these items could help charity projects locally or provide materials to learning centres. 

By discovering a list of organisations or local charities, you can ensure that no matter the materials you have leftover, they can find a valuable home. 

Consider also asking your local suppliers about their reuse programs. Many construction suppliers are becoming eco-friendly, and now provide benefits to those who return items or add to their scrappage scheme. 


As an authorised waste remover, we are well aware of how much waste can be recycled. 

Working alongside a waste remover, such as ourselves at AJ Grab Hire, can help ensure that any waste created from your project can be recycled at the correct plant. 

As we can collect various materials, we have dedicated partners where we help our customers recycle their waste, therefore dramatically limiting the waste that goes into landfill. 

To help a waste remover in distributing your waste effectively, try to maintain clear waste material practices on site. For example, having one location for hardcore, and one location for rubbish, this means your waste can be collected and recycled much more effectively. 

However, if you have a reputable waste remover, such as our team at AJ Grab Hire, we can help sort your waste at our facilities, so it’s ready for recycling. 

To help you on your way to a more environmentally-friendly project, contact our team at AJ Grab Hire to get a quote


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