At AJ Grab Hire one of the most common questions we receive from our customers is how many tonnes can a grab lorry move? 

With our fleet of 8-wheel grab lorries we can move 16 tonnes of waste. We can move muck, rubbish, rubble, timber, green waste and earth. There’s almost nothing we can’t take-away from your site with a grab lorry. 

We also have a much smaller 4-wheel grab lorry that can move 10 tonnes of waste. 

For each lorry, collecting this waste can take anywhere between 10-20 minutes, so you can keep focussed on your work at hand while we load your waste. 

No matter your project, from a large commercial construction project, to a small private project, our fleet of grab lorries can help you move your waste quickly and responsibly. 

Grab lorries hold more than a skip

If you’re looking to move large amounts of waste off site, you may also be interested to know that a grab lorry can hold three times more waste than a traditional skip. 

This means our grab lorries are not only more cost effective, but they can help you move tonnes of waste with no disruption to your site. 

At AJ Grab Hire you can hire one of our grab lorries in as little as 24 hours notice, meaning you can have your waste collected the very next day.

Compared to a skip, this means you’re not waiting around for hours for your waste to be moved, or letting tonnes of rubbish pile up on the site, compromising health and safety. 

Grab lorries come in different sizes 

It’s a common misconception that grab lorries only come in one-size – huge! 

But at AJ grab Hire our fleet includes 8-wheel grab lorries, and 4-wheel grab lorries; meaning that you can find a grab hire lorry to suit your project. 

As our 8-wheel grab lorries can move up to 16 tonnes, these vehicles are often used for much larger construction or engineering projects. 

Due to our 4-wheel grab lorry moving up to 10 tonnes, this vehicle is mostly used for smaller projects such as landscaping projects, or private builds such as extensions or home builds. 

A grab lorry can hold anything 

16 tonnes is hard to think of in terms of waste – but our grab lorries can move 16 tonnes of anything. We collect muck, rubbish, hardcore, green waste and timber.

As a certified waste remover by the Environment Agency, your waste is managed responsibly and ethical to ensure very little waste is added into landfill. 

For your next project, contact our team at AJ Grab Hire to help you move your waste efficiently. 

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