As the old saying goes, time is money, and when you’re working on large scale construction, building or landscape projects every minute counts.

Meeting deadlines means everything that happens on site is time sensitive, which is why at AJ Grab Hire we’ve been working with customers across the UK to support them in making their site as productive and efficient as possible.

When you choose a partner who understands the demands of your site, your project can run seamlessly, and most importantly, safely.

High Volume Waste Removal

No matter which sector you work within, from construction and building to agriculture and landscaping, waste needs to be removed quickly.

While skips can hold waste, they can take days to be emptied, and if this is delayed, waste can become a serious hazard.

A build-up of waste on site is not only a health and safety risk but can stall work from happening as there is nowhere to put the waste that is being produced.  

Skip is also a stationary solution, which means workers on site have to move the waste to the skip. This can sometimes mean workers traveling for miles on a large scale site just to clear rubbish or muck, or having multiple skips on site which can be extremely costly.

However, a grab hire lorry can remove three times as much waste, and collect waste from hard to reach spaces.

For a site that needs to remain safe and productive, a regular visit from a grab hire lorry can ensure that work is not disturbed by the presence of waste.

Product Delivery

If your site team are not local to the area but require products to be delivered from local suppliers, a grab hire lorry can collect large volumes of aggregate and soil and deliver and tip it on site in your desired location.

This addition of product delivery enables your team to continue working without the need to break to collect materials, or stalling work because materials have run out.

Saving time with product delivery can give your team back the time that may have been used sourcing a local supplier and then collecting it. This is especially the case for contractors who have been drafted in who are not from the local area.

Even these small amounts of time can add up to big savings for companies that are working on large scale projects.

No Extra Manpower

Large projects can incur major costs from increased labour and tools when trying to manage the waste on site.

From hiring extra tools to move waste into a skip from across the site, to assigning workers to manage and organise the waste on site. Extra labour and tools can all add costs and time to a project.

Buy hiring a grab hire lorry, you can save time on this waste management, as the grab hire lorry can pick-up and collect waste from any location on site, as well as manoeuvre over objects such as walls or fences.

Getting the right partner to manage your waste removal needs, can support your project in maintaining productive and meeting deadlines.

Contact our team today to discuss how our grab hire lorries can save you time.

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