When winter arrives onsite health & safety takes a new turn. Ice and bad weather can increase the difficulties of manoeuvring waste and materials, and the limited daylight means floodlights are often required on large projects to keep the work on track. 

Winter provides any commercial or domestic site with increased challenges, which means you need the right tools to ensure the project runs smoothly and doesn’t cause any more delays. 

At AJ Grab Hire, our grab lorries can support both small and large construction and landscaping projects throughout the winter season. 

Rather than relying on a skip, which takes up valuable space on-site and has a smaller capacity, a grab hire can provide your team with a quick way to remove large quantities of waste. 

Fast Waste Removal 

During the winter months, development projects can be delayed by bad weather. From snow, ice to heavy rainfall. All these bad weather conditions can not only affect the progress of the project but cause costly delays. 

Having a skip on site can mean that waste is sat onsite becoming affected by the bad weather conditions. For example, the skip gets filled with rain causing a nightmare for possible overspill. 

By using a grab hire onsite for your waste removal, you can eliminate the worries that come with bad weather. 

A grab hire skip can be ordered for when you need it, and collect a range of waste types quickly so that the waste is not sat being spread by poor weather conditions. 

Removing waste quickly during bad weather is also essential for health and safety, as it ensures that there are no slip or trip hazards on site. 

While a skip takes up vital space on site, a grab hire lorry removes the waste from the area so that you consistently have a clean and clear site. 

Reduce Cross Contamination 

During severe winter weather cross-contamination of waste can easily occur, especially if you’re using a skip on site. As well as workers getting a little lazy and not distributing by waste type, heavy rain can mean your waste can begin to filter into a clean site. 

Cross-contamination of domestic waste can be a public health hazard, which means it not only puts your team at risk but also the public. 

Maintaining rigorous waste management during bad weather is a health and safety must on any large or small commercial project. 

At AJ Grab Hire, our grab lorries can move your waste quickly. We can collect muck, timber and rubbish to help keep your site clean and clear of waste obstructions. 

As we are certified waste removers, we also take your waste to dedicated landfill and recycling plants to ensure that your waste is environmentally managed. 

Daylight Saving 

The shortest days occur in the winter. For many large scale construction and landscape projects, this means that working hours can be affected as there is no natural light. 

In the UK during winter daylight begins around 7 am and ends at 4.30 pm, this means working hours on a project are dramatically shortened unless artificial lights can be used on site. 

With hours cut short, this means workers need to be more efficient and productive with the light available on the project. 

Utilising a grab hire lorry for waste removal, and even aggregate delivery can help support teams who are up against tight deadlines during these winter months. 

As well as removing large quantities of waste quickly and efficiently, our team at AJ Grab Hire can also deliver aggregate to your site, helping to reduce delivery times. 

Minimal Manual Labour 

Construction and engineering sites all become more dangerous during the winter months due to the bad weather. With rain increasing the number of slips, and ice becoming a hazard, it becomes an even more tricky place to work. 

With this in mind, reducing any potential hazards or health and safety risks is a key part of running a safe and productive site. 

While many sites may opt for a skip, this can have the potential to cause more harm to workers. For example, workers have to carry and load the skip in bad weather manually. Should anyone slip or trip while loading the skip this can cause major injuries. 

However, by using a grab hire lorry, you remove the need for manual labour. 

At AJ Grab Hire, our lorries will grab and move the waste from the site, which dramatically reduces the amount of manual input from your team. 

If you need a grab hire lorry to support your winter project, contact our team today to get a quote. 

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