Taking on projects nationally as a contractor can often mean you’re managing renovations or builds in areas that you’re unfamiliar with. 

This is often the case for large scale builds such as civil engineering projects and large commercial builds. However, this can mean the team managing the project may struggle to find support locally in order to ensure the build runs smoothly and meets the deadline. 

As experienced grab hire specialists, we’ve worked with a number of contractors across the UK to provide them with localised support during their project. 

After all, sometimes you need local trusted suppliers who have experience and knowledge of the area to help in times of need. 

With his in mind, we felt it was important to highlight how this local support can be critical on a renovation project or build. 


As part of any preparatory works on a building project or renovation, it is essential to clear the site of top spoil so that the footprint of the structure can be identified. 

This is where our team can support you in removing any waste, as well as other materials such as soil, earth, bricks, and rubble. 

We’ve supported a number of customers with our ground works services, including projects around car parks, roads, home renovations, and excavation digs. 

While this work can be done by the site team, the machinery required and the amount of waste that needs to be removed means sites can quickly become overwhelmed with rubble and waste. Therefore, hiring a specialist such as ourselves can keep the site consistently waste free. 

Additional support such as this can be highly beneficial, as it maintains a tidy and productive site, and reduces rubble contaminating the local area.  

Aggregate Delivery 

When you travel to work on a project it’s common to not know the local area. And even more so, to not fully have the knowledge or experience of local suppliers. 

This can be a real problem for contractors as work can stall while suppliers are found and then materials delivered. 

As all build projects are time sensitive this delay can eat into time and money, leading to pushed deadlines and unhappy customers.

At AJ Grab Hire we can supply and deliver a range of materials for your project, and have them tipped on location in the desired area of your choosing. From building sand, ballast, sharp sand, to gravel and limestone. We can provide a range of aggregate materials

This provides a quick turn-around for when you most need supplies delivered, and as our tipper lorries can hold such a high volume of materials, you can continue to work productively knowing materials are just a phone call away. 

Responsible Waste Removers 

Having knowledge of local recyclers and disposal solutions is essential when conducting a renovation project, as all waste created needs to be disposed of in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. 

However, if you’re not local to the area, finding reputable recyclers and waste removers can become a real pain point. Especially as there are still rogue traders who will act as a reputable company but cause huge problems for contractors when the waste is dumped of fly-tipping. 

Avoiding scenarios like this is essential, which is why as licensed waste removers, we can support your project by ensuring all waste is removed safely and recycled with the appropriate partners. 

As well as being licensed by the Environment Agency, we also partner with a network of recyclers, which means your waste will be separated and distributed to limit the amount of waste that goes into landfill. 

If you need support on a local renovation project let us discuss the services we can support you with. Contact our team today to discover how we can help. 

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